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Spencer Miller

Co - Founder

With a degree in Engineering from CU Boulder, and a wild sense

of creativity - Spencer was set for a desk job. Or Wait. What I meant was: with a degree in engineering from CU Boulder, Spencer was set for a life changing road trip with his brother Camden. Between the two of them, their Westfalia van, and a couple of cameras: they spent 77 days on the road meeting everyone they could and documenting everything. A lifelong traveler, storyteller, and friend to all, Spencer is committed to never work a desk job in his life. 

Spencer is our narrative master: retelling the stories of others' lives in the most meaningful ways imaginable.  


Ryan Nordin

Co - Founder

A true student of the game, Ryan is not your average camera geek. Hailing from Duluth, he had been passionately making films of his outdoor adventures since grade school. When he's not playing with lights or microphones, you'll find him scouring the internet for information and inspiration. When it comes to sound, light, color, or just about anything else, you can trust that Ryan knows exactly how to set up and nail the shot. 

Ryan is our Specialist; a jack of all trades and master of.... 

well.... most of them.


chase Deopsomer

Co - Founder

Born into the presence of straw and elk meat, Chase is a true Montanan born. The camera came into his life at a young age, where everything from Star Wars spoofs to The Boys In Denim

(or something along those lines) fell onto his timeline. Chase brought us all together and we started our company in the most Montanan place of all: a barn. Though, the wood burning stove, dust, and negative temperatures never stopped Chase. Heavy After Effects renders kept his computer from dying to the cold.

Chase is our 3D master, motion graphics specialist, and social strategist 

bw cam.jpg

camden miller

Co - Founder

Born on the East coast and relocated to the mountains, Camden finds himself always exploring the never ending beauty of the world. It's a good thing he brings his camera with him, or we'd never believe the crazy things he says he's always experiencing. Camden refuses to live life on the treadmill, finding a new path daily. A master of connections, and an initiator of adventures, Camden is someone you never want to miss a road trip with. 

Camden is our eyes in the sky: working the bulk of our aerial cinematography.